CSD Pool Coverages and Services Overview
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CSD P&L Pool Mission

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The mission of the Pool is to provide Colorado Special Districts a viable and stable alternative at competitive rates and with exceptional customer service, claim handling and loss prevention assistance.

SDA Mission

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The Special District Association of Colorado exists to preserve and enhance the legal and political environment for the existence and successful operation of the special district form of government, and to assist special districts to operate efficiently and appropriately.

What is the Role of the SDA?

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A special district is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision providing improvements and/or operations of public facilities for residents within a district. Special districts provide a range of services including fire protection, parks and recreation, development infrastructure, mosquito control, hospital, library, sanitation, transportation, and water. The Special District Association of Colorado (SDA) was formed in 1975 to serve the interests of the special district form of local government in Colorado. The major organizing goals of the SDA are to provide better communication, research, legislative input, administrative support, and educational opportunities for member districts. The SDA is here to help special districts serve the public in the most efficient and economical manner possible, working with members to maintain a positive public image for all special districts. For more information about the SDA, click here: http://www.sdaco.org.

Your Member-Owned Public Entity Pool

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It was through the implementation of the SDA Mission that a member-owned and directed self insurance group formed. This came at a time when special district insurance premiums were tripled or non-renewed by other major insurance carriers across the nation. There are over 400 public entity pools in the United States, including more than ten pools in Colorado alone. Colorado’s public entity pools serve 90% of all cities, counties, school districts, universities, and special districts. It is estimated that 80% of all public entities nationwide are either self insured or members of a public entity pool.

In 1988, the SDA Board of Directors established the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool (CSD Pool) to escape the volatilities of the traditional insurance industry. The CSD Pool created an opportunity for members to control their own insurance costs through the joint pooling of resources, making it possible to self insure property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance. We are member-owned, and focused on constantly enhancing our coverages and services to the benefit of all our members. The CSD Pool is a member-owned public entity pool offering the broadest coverage available to Colorado special districts. As the Pool matures and builds more surplus, we continue to provide financial security for our members, expand on coverage enhancements, create additional services, and stabilize rates. Enhancements to standard industry coverage are driven by the needs of Pool members. We provide the following and more, eliminating the need to buy separate insurance policies, thus lowering the cost of coverage for special districts.

Why Choose the CSD Pool for your Risk Management and Financing Partner?

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Everything we do is focused on delivering the most extensive scope of coverage products and mission critical services that our staff of dedicated industry professionals with more than 25 years of experience can pull together. And we are not done yet!

The CSD Pool more than fulfills and exceeds in its mission to provide special districts a viable and stable alternative at competitive rates and with exceptional customer service, claim handling, and loss prevention assistance including technology and innovation. As our membership grows and the operations of special districts become more complex, we continue to be a valuable partner to special districts.

What Makes CSD Pool Coverage Unique?

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  • Occurrence Form, not Claims-Made (except Pollution)
  • Packaged coverage approach
  • Defense outside the limit of liability (except Pollution and Bonds/Securities)
  • Pre-Loss Legal Assistance – in the event that your district is potentially facing a lawsuit
  • Negligence in the issuance process of Bonds/Securities
  • Sexual Molestation (Vicarious Liability)
  • Mold, Fungus Liability – $350,000 limit for water/wastewater treatment
  • Limited No-Fault Water and/or Sewer Back-Up
  • $25,000 Defense Reimbursement costs for non-monetary damages
  • Up to $10 million in Liability limits available
  • No “Failure to Supply” exclusion
  • Pollution Liability (Claims-Made) with $1 million per occurrence/per member
  • Workers’ Compensation statutory coverage with $2 million Employer’s Liability limit
  • All district directors, officers, employees, and volunteers are covered under P/L per N/A under WC
  • Domestic and Foreign Property and Liability Terrorism coverage
  • Employment Law hotline
  • Identity Theft Recovery coverage automatically included with Crime coverage
  • $2,500 Employee Deductible Reimbursement for Auto Physical Damage

Public Liability Coverage

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  • General Liability
  • Public Officials Liability
  • Employment-Related Practices Liability
  • Employee Benefits Administration Liability
  • Liability under federal discrimination and civil rights statutes
  • Automobile Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability – ERISA or similar laws
  • Data Compromise including the broader Cyber Liability
  • Professional Errors and Omissions from wrongful acts
  • Injunctive Relief Coverage

Property Coverage

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  • Property, Mobile Equipment, and Electronic Data Processing Equipment
  • $2,000,000 Earthquake and $2,000,000 Flood (included with scheduled property)
    • Flood Zone A coverage is automatic with scheduled property
  • Automobile Physical Damage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Business Income and Extra Expense
  • Ingress and Egress coverage
  • Errors and Omissions in scheduling property
  • Money and Securities
  • Limited Pollution on scheduled premises
  • Certified and Other Acts of Terrorism
  • Scheduled Underground Water and Sewer Infrastructure

Reporting and Financial Analysis

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The CSD Pool is a public entity authorized by the Colorado State Legislature and is issued a Certificate of Authority by the Colorado Department of Insurance, to whom we report annually. If financial stability is your concern, you should know that the Pool has a strong financial position when compared with the conventional insurance industry. This allows us to better respond to the needs of our members. From inception, the Pool has maintained this strong financial performance, and this is demonstrated each year in our Annual Report. This report is presented at the Annual Membership Meeting held in September in conjunction with the SDA Annual Conference. We are more than happy to share our success with you, and we welcome you to request a copy of our Annual Report. To request a copy of this and our other publications, please visit http://csdpool.com/publications.php.

(GOAL: < 300%)
(GOAL: < 100%)
(GOAL: < 600%
(GOAL: < 750%
(GOAL: < 300%)
(GOAL: < 300%)
(GOAL: > 100%)
CSD POOL $38 MILLION 87% 56% 215% 238% 84% 110% 178%
PINNACOL $2 BILLION 80% 139.9% 300% 300% 140% 76.4% 144.1%
CHUBB $2 BILLION 70% 109.7% 240% 360% 120% 68.7% 158.6%
CONTINENTAL $2 BILLION 50% 101.1% 340% 380% 170% 51.6% 135.9%
ARGONAUT $1 BILLION 50% 137.7% 280% 440% 130% 107.2% 145%
TRAVELERS $2 BILLION 110% 105.9% 380% 420% 190% 112.2% 136.8%
HARTFORD $2 BILLION 70% 96.2% 240% 260% 120% 71.5% 157.9%
ARCH $2 BILLION 90% 91.3% 370% 99% 160% 192.3% 135.7%
INSURANCE INDUSTRY AVERAGE 74% 112% 307% 380% 147% 97% 145%

">" = Greater Than
"<" = Less Than
Green Tiles Indicate "Best in Class"

Pool Programs Overview

Management Liability

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The CSD Pool’s Management Liability coverage protects your district, Board of Directors, and employees from improper acts or allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination, which are all referred to as Employment-Related Practices.

  • Public officials / directors and officers / employee benefits administration / employment-related practices
  • Liability under federal discrimination and civil rights statutes
  • Costs to defend your district against covered claims will not erode your Liability limits

General Liability

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The CSD Pool’s General Liability coverage protects our members, their Board of Directors, employees, and volunteers when negligent acts and/or omissions result in injury or damage to third parties on district premises or during operations, within the course and scope of district duties.

Employee Benefits Liability

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The intent of the CSD Pool’s Employee Benefits Liability coverage is to cover claims arising out of errors and omissions in the administration of a benefit plan. This includes the failure to enroll an employee in the plan, as well as the administration of plans or improper advice regarding benefits.

Fiduciary Liability

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If district employees, officers, directors, or Board of Directors make decisions on your district’s retirement or other qualified employee benefits plan(s), their personal assets could be at risk. While public entities are exempt from ERISA, a suit can still be filed and defense will be needed. Under ERISA, fiduciaries may be held personally liable for breach of their responsibilities in the administration or handling of employee benefit plans. The CSD Pool includes a $200,000 per member/$1,000,000 shared annual all member aggregate within the Public Entity Liability coverage form.

Auto Liability

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The CSD Pool covers Automobile Liability for owned, non-owned, or hired autos while they are used within the course and scope of district operations.

Excess Liability (following form)

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The CSD Pool can provide increased limits in excess of $1,000,000 up to $9,000,000. Our occurrence coverage form helps eliminate potential exhaustion of limits that are possible from employment, civil rights violations, and other states’ torts (when an employee travels); these types of claims are not restricted by the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

Pollution Liability (Claims-Made form)

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The CSD Pool’s Pollution Liability coverage protects districts against sudden and accidental newly discovered events and includes clean-up costs:

  • $1,000,000 per occurrence per member limit – includes aboveground storage tank coverage
  • $5,000,000 shared annual aggregate for all members combined
  • Defense expenses reduce the limit of liability
  • Covered premises must be scheduled for Property coverage

Data Compromise

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The CSD Pool’s Data Compromise including Cyber Liability coverage offers a $200,000 sub-limit for the cost to respond to liability due to the district’s or its employees’ participation on the Internet within the course and scope of their business, or data breach of a member’s and/or their constituent’s personal data. This also includes compliance with state or federal statutes regarding notification and remediation. Data Compromise including Cyber Liability coverage is automatically included in the Liability program.

Automobile Physical Damage

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The CSD Pool covers Automobile Physical Damage for owned or hired autos while used within the course and scope of district operations. Emergency response vehicles can be covered for replacement cost (when designated); otherwise, actual cash value applies and includes all other vehicle types. If an employee’s vehicle is damaged while performing job duties for the member, the Pool will reimburse the employee up to $2,500 against their personal auto insurance deductible(s), under either the Comprehensive or Collision coverage.

Workers' Compensation

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The workers’ compensation and occupational disease laws are referred to as “Exclusive Remedy” and serve as a mutual agreement between the employer and employee. The law provides for benefits, both medical and partial wage replacement, for bodily injury by accident or disease – including death – as a result of employment.

Workers' Compensation - Part 1

  • Promote injured employees’ return to pre-injury condition
  • Prompt/reasonable payment of benefits for injured workers
  • Provide a single remedy in place of suits, if necessary
  • Avoid litigation, attorney fees, lengthy trials
  • Encourage employer interest in safety and risk management
  • Promote analysis of losses to avoid future injury and human suffering

Employer's Liability - Part 2
Tort Liability coverage against an employer for accidents to employees, as distinguished from liability imposed by a workers’ compensation law. The four causes of action listed below only apply if they are the direct consequence of bodily injury to an employee while in the course and scope of employment. Generally permitted by law are sums the insured must legally pay because of:

  • Third-Party Over suits, where the insured is liable to a third party for claims against that third party by an injured employee of the insured
  • Consequential Bodily Injury, which pays damages for a direct consequential loss to a spouse, child, parent, or sibling as a result of injury to or disease contracted by an employee (e.g., an emergency worker contracts, through blood borne pathogen or needle stick, either HIV or Hepatitis, then passes it on to his or her spouse)
  • Dual Capacity suits, when an employer is responsible for an employee’s injury – not as the immediate employer, but in a separate capacity, such as manufacturer defect
  • Care and Loss of Services (consortium suits)

Property Coverage

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The CSD Pool’s broad Property coverage form is enough to cover district assets from direct physical loss or damage when located in the United States. If property is scheduled, it automatically includes:

  • $2,000,000 Limit for Earthquake
  • $2,000,000 Limit for Flood
  • $250,000 Business Interruption Coverage
  • Domestic and Foreign Acts of Terrorism

Equipment Breakdown

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The CSD Pool’s Equipment Breakdown coverage is for losses involving the sudden and accidental breakdown of electrical, mechanical and/or air conditioning/refrigeration equipment.

Crime Coverage

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To assist our districts in satisfying their legal requirement, our Crime coverage for board of directors, volunteers, employees, non-compensated officers, and trustees includes the faithful performance of duty criteria established by state statutes and also includes coverage for:

  • Public Employee Dishonesty
  • Forgery or Alteration
  • Inside The Premises Theft of Money and Securities
  • Theft, Disappearance and Destruction
  • Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud
  • Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency
  • Credit, Debit or Charge Card Forgery

Identity Theft Recovery

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The CSD Pool’s Identity Theft coverage includes a $25,000, subject to sub-limits, limits for the recovery costs associated with the identity theft of district Board of Directors, regular (non-temporary) full and part-time employees of the district, as well as SDA board members and staff, when Crime coverage is purchased. Coverage includes legal costs to defend a civil suit or remove a civil judgement arising from identity theft, phone, and postage, shipping fees, and notary and filing fees, credit bureau reports, lost wages, child/elder care, and mental health counseling.

Pool Services

CSD Pool Website

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Members and prospects alike can visit the CSD Pool website at csdpool.com to find the following:

Visit our website often for the latest in service updates as we tend to always be working to strengthen what we have to offer our members.

An integral part of our mission is to make safety and loss prevention training available to all of our members. The CSD Pool publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Risk Management Review, to educate readers on how to manage, predict, and prepare for risk. We also post an annual training calendar on our website.

We grant our members access to other valuable services, such as:

Cover Your Flush Campaign

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The CSD Pool provides the Cover Your Flush campaign to its members to inform their constituents about the dangers of lateral sewer line backups and of available insurance options they can obtain from their homeowner’s policies. This includes print brochures and a full website featuring all the relevant information. Find more online at coveryourflush.com.

Data Compromise and Cyber Liability Resources

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  • eRisk Hub®, an online portal to help in the assessment and mitigation of cyber threats
  • Breach coach counseling with one hour free assessment
  • Step-by-step ”Road Map to Recovery” hosts information on pre-screened service providers who can respond to cyber liability issues and data compromise situations
  • Cyber threat assessment vendor discount

Human Resources

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  • CSD Pool HR Helpline - a human resources web portal that provides our members with what they need to institute and manage employee policies
  • Prepaid access to HR attorneys for questions by email or telephone for Pool members only
  • FREE access for all CSD Pool members
  • Well organized, user-friendly online resource
  • HR policy builder with thousands of downloadable sample policies on hundreds of topics
  • Job description builder

Web Based Training

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  • CSD Pool online training is a 24/7 employee training resource
  • Hosts hundreds of topics dealing with safety, employee relations, leadership, and other training
  • All of this training is absolutely free to members!
  • There are two ways members can access a 5% credit on their Liability contributions.
    • The first is our Affirmative Defense Training Credit program. Districts can earn this credit when 80% or more of a district’s employees and supervisors (board members are optional) successfully complete one of the several courses listed below on an annual basis.
    • The Pool also offers the Supervisor Training Credit Program. To qualify, 80% of the district’s management and supervisors must take part in the courses indicated in the list below, or they must take part in one of our Regional Supervisors’ Workshops or Monthly Webinars.

Firefighter and EMS Certification Training

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  • TargetSolutions offers 100% of the didactic training for certification of professionals at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom training.

Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program

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Under our Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program, safety or loss prevention training opportunities are eligible for 50% cost reimbursement, which covers eligible goods and services purchased by districts to improve worker safety and help prevent losses covered by the Pool’s various coverage forms.

  • Funds are available to Pool member districts after their first year of Pool participation, including both Property/Liability and Workers’ Compensation contributions
  • Funds scaled, based on longevity and contribution
  • With this reimbursement program, a member district can obtain approval in advance, but reimbursement cannot be made until the district takes delivery of the Safety and Loss Prevention goods or services. Copies of eligible receipts must be sent in conjunction with the submission of the electronic application
  • Funds expire after five years of non-use
  • Members can apply online at csdpool.com/safetygrant
  • Our Group Purchase Program provides significant discounts to a wide range of products and services frequently purchased by Pool members

SDA Conference and Training Scholarship Program

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With our Scholarship Program, we reimburse districts for costs incurred to send first time supervisors and/or board members to specific training offered by the CSD Pool and the SDA. We offer fifty-five scholarships annually, worth a total value of $25,000. The scholarships are intended to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with travel and attendance at training workshops.

Scholarship Program Includes:

  • 25 $350 scholarships available for attending regional Pool training workshops
  • 30 $750 scholarships available for attending the SDA Annual Conference
  • Board members and district supervisors are eligible
  • Must be a first-time attendee from a member district
  • Preference will be given (in this order) to districts who have:
    • never had an attendee at the event
    • no district attendees in the past three years
    • new managers or board members who have never attended
  • Nominations from districts will be accepted for eligible supervisors or board members. Once selected, we will confirm with a personal invitation to attend nearly cost free
  • Authorization must be confirmed by a Pool administrator prior to incurring any cost
  • Reimbursement payments will be made directly to Pool member districts within thirty days of receipt of documented expenses
  • District must use the online application and Expense Reimbursement Form

For more information or to apply for a scholarship, please visit csdpool.com/ScholarshipProgram.php.

Our Team

Pool Administration Services have been contracted out since the CSD Pool’s inception in 1988. The individuals at McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. were first hired in 1998 at a time when the Pool was experiencing a churning membership, declining numbers, and the Board of Directors felt that a change in direction was needed. Our team presented a five-year plan to reinvent the Pool, and two years after implementation, we were growing at a rate of over 30% a year with a 40% reduced administrative cost. Over the next seven years, the Pool achieved growth of 700% in membership, contributions, and surplus. As a credit to our administrative team, the CSD Pool is now more financially secure than most insurance company counterparts.

Joe DePaepe - CPCU, CIC, Senior Vice President

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Joe DePaepe began his career as an all-lines sales and field underwriter for large commercial risks. Joe is currently the CSD Pool Administrator. Before joining McGriff in 2007, he was the National Public Entity Pooling Practice Leader for a large national brokerage firm. Joe has spent more than twenty-five years working with Group Risk Pooling in program development and design for over 2,500 public entities. Over the last eighteen years, he has concentrated on Group Risk Pooling Programs in Colorado. Joe has been involved in the day-to-day administration of six pools, and consulted on several others throughout his career. Joe has a deep understanding of all phases of group risk sharing administration.

Jenniffer Alvarado Vice President, Account Executive

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Jenniffer Alvarado is the senior underwriter for the CSD Pool’s Workers’ Compensation program. Prior to joining McGriff in 2007, she provided multi-level account services at a large national brokerage firm. In her twenty-five year career, she has performed risk management consulting for self-insured, primary, and captive programs. She uses her experience for the placement of the Pool’s Workers’ Compensation program, while also overseeing all aspects of the Pool’s administration services. Jenniffer has cultivated a complex understanding of individual membership needs.