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Training Workshop Calendar

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Making training available to all of our members is an integral part of what we do. To make this easier, you can now access our Training Calendar right here on the Pool website.

In this calendar, you will find when and where and what the Supervisor Training workshops will be, the training dates of our partners in risk management.

CSD Pool Membership Meeting

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September 12-14• Keystone, Colorado at the SDA Annual Conference

To being the easy and quick registration process, click here.

The Pool also provides Scholarships for first-time board members to cover the expense costs of attending. To apply for a scholarship, click here.

31st Annual CSD Pool Membership Meeting
Thursday, September 13 at the Longs Peak Ball Room

Keynote Address: Dorothy Gjerdrum

Training Credit Programs

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The Pool offers contribution credit to members for participating in our training offerings. These credits can make a significant impact on your bottom line and simultaneously improve your team's training. For more information about the Training Credit programs, please click here.

Water/Wastewater TUs

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The Pool's Training Center offers courses that offer training units (TUs) to water and wastewater operators in the state of Colorado. The TUs satisfy the following certifications:

Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • Water Treatment Class A, B, C, S, D, T
  • Wastewater Treatment Class A, B, C, S, D, T

Collection and Distribution

  • Collection System Operator Class 1-4
  • Distribution System Operator Class 1-4


  • Industrial System Operator Class 1, A-T
  • Industrial System Operator Class 2, A-T

Additionally, the Training Center also helps members to track their certifications and record both online and offline training. Use the login at right to star training and earning TUs today!

TargetSolutions for Fire and EMS

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Your CSD Pool has partnered with TargetSolutions to provide easily accessible training with an individual records management and credentialing system for our Fire/EMS members. You will find the complete Program Participation Agreement here and we encourage you to read this document in its entirety. TargetSolutions is an industry-leading online training platform which provides:

  • District-Specific, Branded and Dedicated Online Training Center
  • Over 600 Continuing Education Unit NFPA Certified approved courses
  • 140 hours of content, which includes topics in EMS, NFPA, OSHA, HR and more
  • Reduce your overall didactic training costs by 70%
  • The ability to set up customized training content to serve individual department needs
  • Records management including credentials, licenses, ISO classification, equipment inspections, and more
  • Manage the Credentials of all your Professionals in one place
  • Track job performance requirements by position
  • Connect with other districts regionally and share Lessons Learned
  • Turn "Down Time" into "Training Time"
  • Toll-Free 24/7 technical assistance
The CSD Pool is giving 25% cost savings to Workers’ Compensation members and 50% saving to members who participate in either the Property & Liability or both programs. This program is also eligible for 50% reimbursement from the CSD Pool’s Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program.

Once you have made the decision to join this program you will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of the Terms of Use and make payment prior to gaining access to your database. We thank you for your interest in our training programs.

To learn more or to schedule an online demonstration, email us at